Naming ceremony in Ostend, Belgium

MHI Vestas are hosting the naming ceremony.
Havyard's 831 SOV windfarm service vessel will operate for MHI Vestas, serving the windfarms Nobelwind and Belwind off the Belgian coast.
COO Kristian Ole Jakobsen of ESVAGT is very pleased with the vessel. ‘We have cooperated well with Havyard on developing this vessel, and we know that the quality of their deliveries is excellent. This makes it even more exciting to follow operations in the time ahead,’ says COO Kristian Ole Jakobsen of ESVAGT.

‘I’m very proud and happy today. It’s really great to see our first 831 SOV design completed. It's a wonderful vessel that has all the qualities required to service offshore windfarms in an efficient and secure manner, with the least possible impact on the environment. The vessel confirms once again that our designs create added value and increased competitiveness for our customers,’ says Gisle Vinjevoll Thrane, Vice President Sales.

New niche
The vessel that is now ready for use is the first of two Havyard 831 SOV vessels for ESVAGT. The other vessel, for which a contract was signed earlier this year, is scheduled for completion by August 2019.
The windfarm service design Havyard 831 SOV was developed in close cooperation between Havyard Design & Solutions and ESVAGT, and it is aimed at a new niche for vessels of this kind. The windmills used to be serviced by small, fast-moving boats that transported personnel and equipment daily to and from the shore. More and more windfarms are now serviced by bigger ships where the service personnel live on board for prolonged periods. They access the windmills by means of a gangway installed on the mother ship or small boats launched from the mother ship. This is a safe and profitable way of servicing the windfarms, particularly those far offshore.

Turkish connections

The Turkish yard Cemre Shipyard has built the Havyard 831 SOV windfarm service vessel for ESVAGT. Havyard knows this shipyard very well, since Cemre has delivered the hulls for more than 30 of the newbuilds Havyard has delivered since 2005. Through these hull deliveries, Havyard has developed a close cooperation with Cemre. In recent years, the shipyard has also delivered completed newbuilds for both Norwegian and international customers.