Havyard MMC shall deliver a complete fish handling system for loading, treatment and unloading of fish on the new live fish carrier. There is also included a ballast water treatment system from MMC Green Technology. This is so far the biggest contract for Havyard MMC. The vessel will be delivered from Kleven Myklebust Verft to the owner Sølvtrans Q1 2017

Great importance for the local cluster
This contract is welcome in a tough market for both Havyard MMC, Kleven and the other local companies that supply products and services to the project.
- We have also experienced the tough times, although we primarily don’t supply to the offshore market, says Roar Stenersen, head of the business area Havyard MMC in Havyard Group. - Our main market is equipment and services to fisheries and aquaculture. There has been considerable activity on the demand side, but many of the projects have been postponed and we have not had an optimal capacity utilization this year. With this great order, we are ensured full employment for the coming months and we are also working on many new projects that we expect to secure more work in the future, says Stenersen.
- I am also very glad that we get to participate in such a "local" project, where both ship owner, designer and we as the largest subcontractor come from the maritime cluster at Sunnmøre. This is good proof that we know more than offshore and that we have more options when that part of the industry is experiencing tough times. The maritime cluster has shown the ability to see opportunities and adapt to new conditions before and I'm sure it'll do it again. However, it does not come by itself and we must be innovative and hard working, says Stenersen who look positively at the future prospects for Havyard and the rest of the maritime cluster.

Innovations for gentle fish handling
Leif Gjelseth founded the company that today is Havyard MMC and is currently responsible for sales and product development in the company. He has always seen the importance of being innovative in order to offer the best solutions to customer needs. - Havyard MMC’s slogan is "Chilled fish handling with care," says Gjelseth and continues - It says a lot about our technology and the focus we have in our product development. The value for the customer is the price he gets for the fish, whether it is wild or farmed and this depends on the quality of the fish when he delivers it. The value we can create for the customer is that our products ensures that this quality is the best. Therefore, we are developing technology to load, handle, cool and unload live and dead fish in an optimal way. In addition, our products must be of good quality and be easy to operate. This is our continuous focus and we hope our great market share is a proof that we succeed. We are pleased that Sølvtrans and Kleven has chosen us for this project and look forward to working with them, and Rolls Royce as a designer to make the new live fish carrier a success when it is delivered in 2017, says a satisfied Leif Gjelseth.

The system delivery from Havyard MMC consists of vacuum system, circulation system, water treatment, RSW systems, washing plants, grader, fish counter, loading and unloading system, sliding bulkhead, monitoring and automation and in addition MMC Green Technology ballast treatment plant.