Myklebust Verft will deliver the new "Gitte Henning," which is a SALT 0155 design to the Danish shipping company Gitte Henning AS in December 2017. Havyard MMC will provide a complete fish handling package consisting of loading systems from shipside and stern with double drainage, collecting bins and closed distribution to thirteen fish tanks, three MMC SX RSW (Refrigerated Sea Water) systems, remote controlled valves for RSW and ballast systems, quantity calculator for loading of fish, MMC vacuum pump system with tanks and vacuum unit for unloading, ozone system for cleaning of pipes and tanks and automation systems for remote control of MMC systems from deckhouse, control room and bridge.

Confirming market position
Leif Gjelseth, who is responsible for sales and business development at Havyard MMC is pleased to secure the contract for this prestigious project. - Gitte Henning is a demanding shipping company which operates very well and have good experience in building new and modern boats, says Gjelseth. - We are very pleased that Henning Kjeldsen (CEO of the company Gitte Henning) have chosen MMC equipment again and this will be their third new build we deliver to. We also look forward to continuing cooperation with Kleven / Myklebust Verft, where we also supply equipment to a live fish carrier and with SALT Ship Design and Sandvik family who we have worked with for many years.
- Since 1998 we have had such package deliveries to more than 200 ships in Norway and internationally. We consider this order to be a confirmation of our position as market leader in fish handling systems to the pelagic fleet, says Gjelseth.


The inventor: Leif Gjelseth, who is responsible for sales and business development at Havyard MMC AS is committed to develop new MMC products that will provide greater profitability for the customers. PHOTO: Siv Nærø

Product development
- Should we bring added value to our customers we have to deliver products that are contributing to making the fishery more profitable, says Leif Gjelseth. - We have a philosophy of delivering systems that are efficient, safe and taking the best possible care of the quality of the fish from it is pumped on-board to it is delivered ashore. We also have a strong focus on automation and to make it easy and safe for the fishermen to use MMC products.
- The RSW systems to "Gitte Henning" will be delivered with the new SX cooling technology. It is the most effective RSW cooler on the market, both with respect to power consumption and space requirements, since it takes much less space than the traditional RSW coolers. We have in addition to providing to new buildings replaced many Freon-based RSW systems on older fishing boats where they now have made space for the new, environmentally friendly MMC SX systems. The feedback on this technology is very good, says a happy Leif Gjelseth, continuing to focus on developing new and better solutions for his customers.


Revolutionary RSW cooling technology: The MMC SX RSW unit with the new cooler has become a success because of energy- and space efficiency. PHOTO: Havyard