Havyard Ship Technology in Leirvik in Sogn, Norway delivered its newbuilding no. 121, the combined purse purse seiner / trawler "Smaragd" to the company Smaragd AS July the 17th. August the 8th there was open ship and naming ceremony at the homeport of ‘Smaragd’. A big crowd of young and old joined open ship and the naming ceremony.
In the evening, there was a celebration dinner for ‘Smaragd’ at Thon Hotel Fosnavåg.


People showed great interest in inspecting the newest fishing vessel in the Herøy fleet. PHOTO: Siv Nærø


‘Smaragd’ at her homeport, ready for the naming ceremony. PHOTO: Tor Erik Kvalsvik


Kristin Smådal Hide, daughter of Reidar Smådal, was proud and glad that so many came to see the new ship. PHOTO: Siv Nærø


Lasse Stokkeland, head of Havyard Ship Technology which gas built the ship, spoke about a challenging and educational project and emphasised the good cooperation with the ship owner. On the picture from the left: Per Sævik from Havila, Geir Johan Bakke and Lasse Stokkeland from Havyard, Reidar Smådal and Per Smådal from Smaragd and godmother Aase Smådal Nyberg, daughter of Per Smådal. PHOTO: Siv Nærø


Godmother Aase Smådal Nyberg blessed the ship and her crew and broke the bottle in the shipside on her first try. PHOTO: Siv Nærø


Skipper and owner Petter Geir Smådal escorted godmother Aase Smådal Nyberg on board ‘Smaragd’ After the naming ceremony. PHOTO: Siv Nærø


Kjetil Myren, senior designer at Havyard Design & Solutions, was the main responsible for designing ‘Smaragd’. Here with his wife at the reception on board ‘Smaragd’ after the naming ceremony. PHOTO: Siv Nærø.


Founders and brothers Per and Reidar Smådal flanking skipper and owner Petter Geir Smådal, son of Reidar, in front of the wheel house on board ‘Smaragd’. PHOTO: Siv Nærø