Early November the Faeroese fresh fish trawlers ‘Stjørnan’ and ‘Polarhav’ came to Leirvik to have the exterior painted, do engine overhaul and other refurbishment. This has been a good job for Leirvik, since the dry dock was empty in anticipation of the next newbuilding hull from the hull yard. The fresh fish trawlers are owned by the Faroese fishing vessel owners JFK.

Welcome extra work
The shipyard has now almost completed the job, which amongst other things included design and installation of new bilge keels, sandblasting and painting of the exterior, overhaul of main and auxiliary engines, installing 70 tons of solid ballast, new sounding system, new floorboards in the accommodation and shaft dismantling and overhaul of propellers.
Because of the extra ballast, inclining tests will be conducted before the ships are heading for the fishing grounds again.
Jan Helge Solheim, who has been responsible for the work in Leirvik is very pleased with the assignment. - This mission has given us welcome employment at a time of slack and where we have had free capacity in the dry dock, says Jan Helge. - The job has mostly been performed according to plan and we have a reasonable profit as well. I commend the men and subcontractors who have taken part in this work. This shows that we can compete for repair and conversion jobs when we have sufficient capacity, says Jan Helge, who hope they can obtain more such work in the future.

Good facilities and broad expertise
Havyard Ship Technology's shipyard in Norway has excellent facilities both for outfitting new vessels and repair and conversion jobs. The main occupation is newbuilding projects, but due to varying loads in the production the yard has the capacity to take on other assignments. Particularly suitable is the covered dry dock, where one can take in ships with up to 20 m in breadth. There, ships can get work performed on the hull and equipment below the waterline and painting work at times of the year where it is not appropriate to do such work outdoors. Also at the outfitting quay the shipyard can have the capacity to carry out such missions. Lasse Stokkeland, head of the business area Havyard Ship Technology believes they can offer competitive services with very good quality. - We are used to deliver advanced newbuildings for demanding ship owners, says Stokkeland. - In addition, we have extensive expertise in Havyard Group and can take care design and engineering, electrical installation, servicing NavCom equipment and steel, machine, pipe and painting work. We also have a very good network of subcontractors that complement us. Employment in the newbuilding area will vary and we do pretty much always have capacity to take on smaller or bigger repair and conversion jobs. We also have the possibility to send personnel to other locations to perform jobs when this is more convenient for the customer. Hence, if ship owners want jobs performed by excellent professionals they just have to contact us. When we have the capacity, I am sure we shall be able to offer competitive terms, says Lasse Stokkeland.


Ready for painting: One of the trawlers has been sandblasted and is ready to be painted


Shaft dismantling: Propeller and shaft line is being dismantled, inspected and repaired before it is installed again


Renewed: The trawlers have been upgraded inside out