Fleet renewal by Havyard designTM

COSL Shipping Branch have been renewing their fleet too meet the new requirements of the Chinese and international offshore market. A part of the fleet renewal programme was investing in four new 6000 HP PSV.
After a thorough bidding process, COSL chose to order a design package for the building of four Havyard 832 PSV in December 2012. This was another breakthrough for Havyard designTM in China. The contract for building the vessels was later awarded to Huangpu Wenchong Shipyard. Havyard Design & Solutions has worked closely with COSL and the Shipyard during the design and engineering phase of the vessels.

Quality vessel for improved performance
COSL is a subsidiary of CNOOC, the largest Chinese oil company with activity in China and internationally. The shipping branch of COSL has a large fleet of Offshore Support Vessels, including AHTS, PSV and Seismic Vessels. COSL also operates drilling rigs and accommodation rigs / barges. COSL Shipping branch have high expectations to the new vessel and are looking forward to putting it into service. - Havyard 832 is an advanced design for the PSV sector, says Mr. Chen Linting, General manager of the shipping branch of COSL. - We are glad to take delivery of a high quality vessel from the shipyard. It will become the main force in our middle and deep water offshore sector when she joins our fleet and will increase our competitiveness in the offshore supply service field.” Mr. Chen concludes.
After mobilization of the vessel she will enter into service end of May.

The Havyard 832 success
The first design of the platform supply vessel (PSV) Havyard 832 was developed in 2007 and nearly 30 vessels of this type have either been delivered or are currently being constructed. Havyard 832 PSV was developed to serve a specific need in terms of size and capacity, safety, fuel economy and being environmentally friendly. Havyard 832 has achieved great success, formed a new segment within PSV, and competing designers have developed designs stemming the same needs.
Since 2008 the Havyard 832 design has been continuously improved based on feedback from customers, research and development, and availability of new technology. This design has also been used as a foundation for the development of new types of vessels, such as the windmill service ship Havyard 832 SOV, that ESVAGT recently has taken delivery in two vessels of.

Huangpu Wenchong Shipyard NB H3056
Length: 79,00 m
Breadth: 17,60 m
Speed: 14 knots
Accomodation: 23 persons
Deadweight: 3500 tonnes
Deck area: 790 m2
Class: CCS: CSA Offshore Supply Ship, Stand-By Ship, Ice Class B, DP2, Fire Fighting Ship 1, CSM, AUT-0