Havyard shall deliver a design package for the construction of a Havyard 832 L SE PSV at the Chinese shipyard Fujien Mawei Shipbuilding. This is the third time in a row for Sinopec to select Havyard designTM for their fleet renewal program. Earlier they have used Havyard designTM for the construction of a Havyard 843 AHTS, which was delivered in 2012 and a Havyard 832 PSV, which is scheduled to be delivered from Fujien Mawi Shipbuilding in February 2015. The latest PSV is scheduled to be delivered from Fujien Mawei Shipbuildingin March 2016.

Confirms strong position in China
Havyard designTM is a relatively new brand, but has become recognized as one of the leading brands supplying design and equipment packages for the construction of advanced ships for the offshore oil industry. Since the start-up in 2005 there are sold over 70 Havyard designTM, whereof 11 for construction at Chinese shipyards.
- We have established a good foothold in in China, which is important for future growth and development of our design and equipment package deliveries, says Senior Vice President Sales in Havyard, Gisle Vinjevoll Thrane. – China has the biggest shipbuilding capacity in the world and ambitions to continue to increase their market shares, Thrane continues. – Additionally, we see that Chinese ship owners are building more advanced offshore vessels. We have a good foothold in China and are recognized by the best offshore vessel builders and the ship owning branches of the two biggest Chinese oil companies Sinopec and CNOOC. This is a good foundation for continuing our growth in delivering design and equipment packages to the Chinese market, SVP Sales Thrane concludes.

The ship owner
Sinopec, is the second largest oil company in China and the largest producer and supplier of refined oil products. The ship owning branch of the company is supporting its E&P activities in Chinese waters. Sinopec also charter OSV services from other ship owners for supporting its activity.

Key data Havyard 832 L SE:
Length:                84,5 m
Breadth:               17.6 m
Speed:                 14 knots
Deck area:           820 m2
Crew:                   40 persons
Dead weight:        3900 tonnes