COO Kenneth Pettersen, Chairman Per Sævik and CEO GEir Johan Bakke of Havyard Group at a naming ceremony for a Newbuild from Havyard Ship Technology.

 CEO of Havila Holding AS, the maritime pioneer Per Sævik, states that the move will improve the premises for further internationalisation and growth for Havyard Group. The company has in recent years signed contracts with shipping companies from India, Nigeria, Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Norway.

 The move to go public will be combined with a share issue, raising new capital to enable further international growth for Havyard Group through increased control of the value chain. Havila Holding AS will, in connection with the introduction on the stock exchange, reduce their ownership but still hold a significant share of Havyard Group.

 Per Sævik, CEO of Havila Holding, is clear that a reduction of ownership and the move to go public does not constitute a loss of faith in Havyard Group, quite the opposite:

 ”Our family has broad interests in the offshore supply industry. In light of this, and because we see that we need to optimise the conditions for continued growth for Havyard Group, both on technology and ship equipment, we choose to reduce our ownership. Havyard has a significant potential for growth, but the further development of the company requires more than we as a family company have the possibility to contribute,” says Per Sævik.

 Havyard Group has had profits of more than NOK 700 million over the past five years. Since 2000, when the Sævik family took over the shipbuilding company from Kværner, the turnover of the company has increased from about NOK 500 million to over NOK 2 billion. The 2013 accounts will be published in a few days.

 CEO of Havyard Group, Geir Johan Bakke, is positive to the Sævik’s family move to open for outside capital and ownership.

 ”It is a natural development. We have seen fantastic growth under the ownership of the family company Havila and with Havila Shipping as a major client. Now, we will open up for a diverse ownership and increase our appeal to a variety of Norwegian and international shipping companies.


  • Acquired by the Sævik family from Kværner in 2000. Increased turnover from NOK 500 million to NOK 2 billion
  • Has developed from a traditional shipbuilding company into a modern, innovative maritime technology group
  • Is a fully integrated supplier of ship design, maritime equipment and shipbuilding services, as well as after sales services to clients in Norway and internationally
  • Has four business areas: Ship Technology, Design & Solutions, Power & systems and MMC Fish Handling & Refrigeration
  • More than 700 employees of which around 600 based in Norway. Has developed 22 different ship designs and sold 71 designs globally since 2005
  • Is among the world leading suppliers of design and shipbuilding services for advanced vessels for offshore, Arctic and fisheries/fish farming



  • Based in Fosnavåg, North-West Norway
  • Per Sævik has been a pioneer in the Norwegian offshore industry. Owns the family company together with his three children
  • Has founded three publicly listed offshore shipping companies and is today the majority shareholder of Havila Shipping ASA
  • Main owner of the Havyard Group AS
  • Major investor in companies such as the property company Havila Ariel, the ferry company Fjord 1, of which the Havila group owns 41 per cent, and Fjord 1 in turn holds around 30 % of Norwegian short distance airline Widerøe, as well as interests in a number of maritime companies in Norway and abroad

 For further information: 

Havila Holding AS: Per Sævik, e-mail, mobile: + 47 90 59 29 14

Havyard Group AS: CEO Geir Johan Bakke, e-mail, mobile: +47 48 18 00 11