Many highlights

Different activities, such as guided tours aboard ships and presentations about how it is to work in an international company, have showed the youngsters how much a maritime company like Havyard has to offer. “I think the best thing about the program was when we visited the yard in Leirvik, and got to see ships at different stages of the building process”, says Renate Remøy. “I also think that was very interesting, in addition to  see what kind of work they are doing on the ships in Leirvik”, Odd-Helge Solem adds. Nikolai Kvellestad and Benedicte Pettersen thinks that the visit in Poland and to witness the international collaboration, was the best about the program. “To see how they construct the ships – the design I mean – like we saw in Poland. And how they use computer tools to design and calculate”, says Nikolai, who studies Marine Technology. “I agree that the time in Poland was exciting”. Benedicte says enthusiastic. “Too see how the people in different countries collaborate and how it is to work in an international company. But actually I think everything has been exciting, and the program was very good,”

Team work
The participants have been divided into five groups where each group have been given a task to focus on during extension of the program; “What are the challenges working in an international company?”, “Which main languages are used by Havyard’s employees?”, “Why is Environment, Health and Safety important?”, “Which articles in Havyard Times are targeted towards children and young adults?” and “What is the target group for Havyard’s Facebook and LinkedIn sites?”. The results of the  group work were presented for the other groups at the end of the program.

Focus on cooperation
In addition to learning about Havyard they have also spent time on social activities, which has made them stronger as a team. This has been focused during the entire program - to learn how to work in teams - because this is very important for the people working in Havyard. Havyard is involved throughout the value chain and it is an international company, therefore cooperation is an important part me. I did not think that cooperation was such an important part of the workday. The employees cooperating is almost what Havyard is about, at least it is very important”, says Renate Remøy

Motivated for the maritime industry
It has been a target to encourage the youths to choose the maritime industry, which is very important on the West Coast of Norway. By presentation the diversity of occupations and the Summer Interns working in Havyard with different backgrounds, has been a revelation for the participants regarding the opportunities the industry can offer. “I have learned that there are many opportunities here, not only to be an engineer”, says Benedicte “I do not consider becoming an engineer, but I want to work in the maritime industry since it is strong here in Herøy, where I live. I have learned about the different directions I can take.” Sivert Elias is not sure about the choice he is about to make, but the introduction programme has been helping him. “My thoughts have started to flow, and I know a bit more about the maritime industry now. This can help me making choices about direction of studies”. Elisabeth Kvalsvik as well has realised that she has many opportunities. “I have a better overview of the many occupations that are represented in the maritime industry, and that will probably affect my choice of studies. I had not made my choses before the course, but the maritime industry has caught my attention, maybe more than I had expected. Now, I will consider more strongly getting an education that the maritime industry is looking for,” replies a satisfied participant at Havyard Academy’s Summer Program for young students.

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The team: Finishing the two-week’s introduction programme the youngsters have bonded and become a strong team.