Earlier this month, ‘Polarsyssel’ was delivered from Havyard Ship Technology’s yard in Leirvik in Sogn to the Icelandic shipping company Fafnir Offshore. A long-term contract has been secured for the vessel, under which she will operate six months a year for the Governor of Svalbard for a period of six years.

New design in severe weather
On her voyage from Tromsø to Longyearbyen, ‘Polarsyssel’ encountered both high seas and storm force winds, which put her seaworthiness to the test. Captain Kjetil Enoksen was full of praise after having put the ship to the test in the Barents Sea. ‘We experienced heavy weather during most of the passage’ the Captain said. ‘The wind blew high from the west during most of our journey and, on approaching Svalbard, we ran into a full storm. A supply vessel of this type will normally roll heavily when hit by waves from the side, but “Polarsyssel” behaved in an exemplary manner, was course stabile and made us feel comfortable with low noise and vibrations. Even when heading straight into the storm, she rose to the challenge and we hardly felt any slamming. I have never experienced anything like this ship and I look forward to operating this vessel in the time ahead,’ said the captain, smiling very happily.
‘Polarsyssel’ is the first vessel of the Havyard 832 L WE (Wave Edition) design. Havyard Design & Solutions has developed the design with a view to saving fuel and safety and comfort for the crew in both fair and unfavourable weather. The combination of a streamlined underbody with twin skegs (two stern keels) and a foreship with an above-water profile that emphasises minimising the angle of attack of large waves has now proved its excellence in practice.

Distinguished guests
In addition to representatives of the Governor of Svalbard, the shipping company, operator and yard, the naming ceremony was attended by banking and brokerage partners, oil companies and others. The Government was represented by no less than the Minister of Justice and Public Security himself, Anders Anundsen. This shows the importance of Svalbard and the Governor’s work for the Norwegian state.


Minister of Justice and Public Security, Anders Anundsen also visited Svalbard to participate at the naming ceremony for the new ship for the Governor

Inger Aarvaag Stokke from the Polar institute of the Justice and Public Scurity department, and formerly employed at the Governor of Svalbard’s office, was godmother for ‘Polarsyssel’. True to tradition, Stokke wished the vessel and crew good luck on all the world’s oceans and broke a bottle of champagne against the arctic blue hull.


Captain Kjetil Enoksen has escorted Godmother Inger Aarvaag Stokke safely onboard “Polarsyssel” ready for the tour on Isfjorden

Demonstration trip in spectacular natural surroundings
After the christening ceremony was completed, ‘Polarsyssel’ carried its guests on a trip to the Isfjord outside Longyearbyen. The arctic landscape with the spectacular mountain ranges encompassing the fjord was a perfect backdrop to displaying ‘Polarsyssel’ in her right element. The guests were able to take a closer view of the vessel from the keel to the top of the mast and enjoy refreshments and view the natural surroundings from her majestic bridge.
Some hours later, ‘Polarsyssel’ was back at the quay in Longyearbyen, and her satisfied guests disembarked to get ready for the celebration dinner.
‘Polarsyssel’ also attracted admiring glances from many locals, who will have an opportunity to come on board at a later date, during the planned ‘open ship’ event.
As is right and proper, ‘Polarsyssel’ was honoured with a celebration dinner in the evening and speeches from the host and guests.

Key data for Havyard 832 L WE 'Polarsyssel'
Length:                   88.5 m
Breadth:                 17.6 m
Speed:                    14.5 knots
Deck area:                        850 sq. m
Cabin capacity:   30 persons
Deadweight:         3,700 tonnes

Havyard Design & Solutions has delivered the design and drawings for the building of the vessel.
Havyard Ship Technology has been responsible for project management, follow-up of hull construction, outfitting, completion and testing at the yard in Leirvik in Sogn.
Havyard Power & Systems has delivered the electrical engineering, Havyard IASTM alarm and automation system, Power Management System, and Havyard ConceptBridgeTM navigation and communications equipment and Multi Control System.
Norwegian Electric System in Bergen, which Havyard is part-owner of, has delivered the vessel's diesel-electric propulsion system.