There was first an open ship ceremony from 11 o’clock before the naming ceremony at 13. After the naming «FS Stormy» with guests headed for Aalesund for a gala dinner.

Major interest
«FS Stormy», a Live Fish Carrier of Havyard 587 design, attracted plenty of attention and many visitors when docked by the quay in the middle of Fosnavaag town centre. A steady flow of younger and older people carefully inspected the advanced Live Fish Carrier from keel to mast and in particular the size of the ship was commented on by many people. The beautiful lines of the vessel were also topic for many a conversation as it adorned the quayside.


Small and big, old and young: «FS Stormy» stood out by Fosnavaag harbour before the naming ceremony. A slightly older and smaller fishing boat observed this latest innovation from a short distance inside harbour. PHOTO Siv Nærø

Naming ceremony and brass music
In addition to invited guests, many of the open ship visitors also joined in on the naming ceremony. And they got to listen to dashing brass music by Herøy Janitsjar (a janissary / brass band) and observed godmother Kathrine Andersen Remøy smashing the bottle against the side of the hull as she wished ship and crew good fortune out at sea.
After the naming, «FS Stormy» with guests onboard, sailed to Quality Waterfront Hotel in Aalesund where a gala dinner duly awaited the party, including entertainment and speeches lasting into the early hours.


Former handball player: The champagne bottle didn`t stand a chance as godmother Kathrine Andersen Remøy readied her shooting arm and pulled the trigger. Shipowner and husband Olav Remøy was a little worried whether she had damaged the vessel. PHOTO Siv Nærø

Efficient and environmentally friendly
Havyard 587 contains the most outstanding of current Live Fish Carrier technology, which sets new standards for environmentally-friendly and gentle transport and treatment of live fish. The vessel has cylindrical cargo tanks and efficient filter- and water treatment equipment, making closed transport across far greater distances possible, compared to existing boats. This makes increased fish density possible with a much gentler treatment of the live fish and it also improves quality of the end product.
Furthermore, there is great emphasis put on the hull and propulsion machinery being highly efficient when operating in its actual conditions, so that fuel economy is the best possible and environmental emissions are as low as possible.
In order to prevent emissions and to minimize the risk of dissemination of disease, all water is to be UV-treated and to go through an advanced two-step filter system. The boat will also be equipped with a system for delousing the fish onboard, where the filter system removes and destructs all salmon louse. These systems result in an extremely low mortality rate of fish during transport.
- We believe «FS Stormy» is the world`s most efficient and environmentally-friendly Live Fish Carrier, says Olav Remøy who is CEO of Fosnavaag Shipping, and he continues, - when the boat in addition is prepared to carry at least 30-40% more cargo of superior fish quality compared to similar and existing tonnage, it is obvious that this is a great step forward. We expect that the market will welcome this boat, something which the long-term contract with Norwegian Fish Transport already shows. We are very much looking forward to starting our contract for Oppdretternes Miljøservice AS (OMS or Fish Farmers` Environmental Service) in Ytre Namdal here in Norway, says Remøy.

Havyard technology from keel to mast
The Live Fish Carrier design Havyard 587 is a real Havyard product where the different business areas of Havyard have cooperated closely with the shipowner in developing, outfitting and constructing a very efficient vessel.
Havyard Design & Solutionsin Fosnavaag has developed design and detail engineering for construction of the vessel.
Havyard Power & Systems with main offices in Aalesund is behind the electro design and electro installations, as well as delivering the Havyard IASTM automation- and alarm system, navigation- and communication system and Havyard ConceptBridgeTM integrated bridge solution.
Havyard Fish Handling & Refrigeration (MMC) has delivered all equipment for the handling of live fish onboard. This contains equipment and system for loading, unloading and distribution of fish, fish counting and sorting, water treatment and refrigeration, washing, delousing and automation and supervision.
Havyard Ship Technology, in Leirvik in Sogn, Norway has carried out outfitting, testing and completion of the boat.

In addition, Norwegian Electric Systems in Bergen, 40% owned by Havyard, has delivered switchboards, generators and electrical motors. MMC Green Technology, where Havyard Fish Handling & Refrigeration is the majority shareholder, has delivered ballast treatment plant.

- This project proves what Havyard, who controls such a large part of the value chain and the technology development, is capable of, says Geir Johan Bakke, CEO of Havyard Group ASA. – Havyard has delivered around 50% of value added for this boat, something which is unique in relation to what any other shipyard in Norway or abroad could do. Havyard Group is capable of developing and delivering products with unique characteristics and quality based on our focus on the development of new technology and products within the complete value chain. We do of course also focus on an efficient production but with the cost levels in Norway, our competitiveness mainly lies within product and technology development in the foreseeable future, the CEO concludes.

Advantage with close proximity
Kjetil Myren, Senior Designer at Havyard Design & Solutinsand CEO Olav Remøy of Fosnavaag Shipping, both happily agree it has been very useful that designer and shipowner are located in Fosnavaag.
- We started discussing Live Fish Carriers with Havyard as early as 2010, says Remøy, - and it has been a great advantage that Havyard`s design department is located only a few 100 metres from our offices. It has been easy to discuss solutions and with all the clarifications needed during the design- and planning stage, communication has been easy. That`s also due to the short distance between our offices. Maybe Kjetil would have wanted a bit further distance between us so that he could get some peace and quiet to work, says the CEO with a smile.
Designer Myren rejects this and emphasizes the good cooperation with the shipping company in developing the Havyard 587 design. – Like most of our design developments the result is best when as many people with influence as possible take part in the process. This is a project Havyard has competence about and we knowledge about and control of large parts of the value chain, including many of the essential suppliers. That, combined with a close cooperation with the shipping company, has led to an excellent design and construction process reflected in a wonderful ship with unique qualities, Kjetil Myren concludes.

A happy salmon is a good salmon
Havyard Fish Handling & Refrigeration, formerly MMC, has developed and deliver most of the technology needed to take good care of the salmon that «FS Stormy» will carry. That entails the complete process from taking the salmon out of netpens to delivering the fish to onshore factories. – We want the salmon to be treated as well as possible on its final journey, says Leif Gjelseth, Executive Vice President of the Fish Handling & Refrigeration business area in Havyard. – Good fish welfare means a good quality end product, he continues, - good fish welfare and efficient transport is where Live Fish Carrier shipowners can make their money, and that`s where we believe the concept of cylindrical tanks is unique. The shape of this tank combined with the systems we have developed to ensure good water quality in the whole of the tank, enable us to go for greater fish density and still provides better fish welfare compared to other solutions. We have scientifically approached this process to ensure the best possible conditions for the fish and we have cooperated with research environments and other environments with important competence in order to achieve this result. The fact we have succeeded is shown in the great interest for our solutions and that increasingly more shipowners come to us to get the same system onboard their newbuilds, Gjelseth concludes, who is happy as long as the salmon is happy.


Development cooperation: Olav Remøy from Fosnavaag Shipping and Kjetil Myren and Leif Gjelseth from Havyard have cooperated closely in developing «FS Stormy». PHOTO: Jann Flatval

Traditional name
«Stormy» is a ship name that has a nice ring to it inside the offices of the shipping company in Fosnavaag. In 1961, Olav`s father along with his partners, constructed his first boat at Eidsvik Shipyard. This was a 92 feet long liner that later on was converted into a purse seiner. The boat served the shipping company well on its fishing voyages around the world and laid the foundations for the shipping company`s continuous development.
- We have always focused on development and to be up-to-date, says CEO Remøy. – If you are to become successful and profitable working within either fishing, offshore or other industries, you need to make sure that you always have the right tools and crew. We have renewed ourselves at regular intervals, using previous operating experiences in order to develop new technology and new solutions that make boat operations more secure and better financially. New «Stormy» is a prime example of this and I believe our competitors have got something to think about now, Remøy concludes with a little smile.

Main data Havyard 587
Length:                84.6 m
Breadth:              16.9 m
Capacity:             Three cylindrical tanks totalling 3250 cubic
Main engine:        3000 kW
Crew:                   12 persons


Family shipping company: Siblings Beate Remøy Eggesbø, Kristin Remøy and Olav Remøy together with mother Klara Remøy and godmother Kathrine Andersen Remøy on the bow of the vessel getting ready for the naming ceremony. PHOTO Siv Nærø


Yard Director`s speech: Trygve Solaas, Yard Director of Havyard Ship Technology in Leirvik in Sogn, Norway, tells about the vessel and the construction process before introducing the godmother. Also on the photo, from left; Chairman Per Sævik of Havyard Group ASA, CEO Geir Johan Bakke of Havyard Group ASA, Vegard Sævik from Havila Holding, CEO Olav Remøy of Fosnavaag Shipping, Finance Manager Kristin Remøy of Fosnavaag Shipping and godmother Kathrine Andersen Remøy. PHOTO Siv Nærø


Prepared for party: «FS Stormy» prepared for gala dinner outside the banquet hall of Quality Waterfront Hotel in Aalesund. PHOTO Havyard