Environment is fun: QA Manager Sigvar Giil, HSE Coordinator Møyfrid Ringereide and Terje Akernes are proud and happy to get the ISO 14001 certificate.

Last year, Havyard Ship Technology received the quality certification ISO 9001. Now the environmental management certificate ISO 14001 is also brought to a successful close, a continuation of last year`s certification.

ISO 14001 is an international standard for environmental management and control, which demands that the business works out environmental targets, and actively reduce the business` environmental load. Main focus is on everything that emits to air and sea; like greenhouse gases and chemicals. The certification is part of the process of continuous improvements.

QA Manager of Havyard Ship Technology, Sigvar Giil, says that the main aim for the shipyard is to reduce energy consumption and volume of waste. – Customers do increasingly ask for this type of certifications, says Giil, and adds that the shipyard now have greater expectations also towards their subcontractors. – It all demands a consciousness raising within all of us, he says.
Together with HSE Coordinator, Møyfrid Ringereide, Giil has put a lot of effort into finalizing this project. All departments at the shipyard have been involved with this work. The environmental aspect in every section has been mapped out and every department chose challenges that they wanted to work on, as an intermediate aim in this process. – The cooperation has been good and people in the various departments have been very positive. They have realized the importance, and have been curious in relation to reaching this certification, the coordinator says. – We have received specific information in regards to what every individual can contribute with, both in terms of changed working methods and change in products. But the overall potential is actually in the work ahead from here, within departments, on a project level and on an individual level, says Ringereide.

Yard Director Trygve Solaas is very pleased that the certifications have been reached. – We have had a strategy of getting certifications in both of these areas, and this gives us a competitive edge, he says. – But we have in no way crossed the finishing line. This is just a springboard for what comes next. The real job starts now, by trying to observe the system we have in place, and to become even better at what we are already good at, Solaas says.