There has been great interest among students and young people to work in Havyard. In recent summers many youngsters have worked as Young Professional Summer Interns, or participated in the two-week Havyard Academy Summer Program.

This year the interest is at record levels. 317 young students want to work in Havyard. - We are obviously very pleased, says HR consultant Ingrid Thorseth, who says that they now have some work ahead to pick out who will advance to the round of interviews.

Girls in the majority
Of the applicants for the summer program over 60 % is girls and 40 % of those seeking summer internships are also girls. Considering the depopulation trend among young women in counties like Sogn og Fjordane and Møre og Romsdal, this is a good sign. - The fact that nearly half of the applicants for Havyards summer programs are women, I see as very positive, says HR Director Frank Levi Kvalsund, adding that he is surprised, considering that the maritime industry has traditionally been male-dominated. - It's great that this possibly could be on the way to turn, he says.

Good for recruitment
Many of those being introduced to the industry as a Young Professional Summer Interns or via Havyard Academy Summer Program, will return as job seekers later, and Havyard has recruited several of them. - We know that the maritime industry is an attractive place to work, and it is therefore very pleasing that over 300 people want to work in the rural areas, 'says Kvalsund.
Those who are offered a job as a Summer Intern will have various responsibilities within the Group, such as office jobs or production. Here young people are offered jobs in engineering, finance, marketing , purchasing, IT and HR amongst others.

Introductory courses and summer internships
Havyard Academy Summer Program has room for 18 participants, who will have a unique chance to get acquainted with the maritime industry in general and Havyard in particular. - In Leirvik get the tour of the shipyard, while at Sunnmøre they get to meet the Group's management, in addition to both staff and trainees introduce themselves and their work, says Ingrid Thorseth, and says that this year participants can also look forward to something a bit special. - They will be on a trip to Poland and Havyard's design department there, she concludes .
In addition to the 18 youngsters for the introductory course Havyard is considering employing between 30 and 40 Young Professional Summer Interns this year.