Havyard Group shall deliver a design package for building of a Havyard 832 Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) at the Chinese shipyard Fujien Mawei Shipbuilding. This is the second time in a row that Sinopec selects a Havyard design when building new ships. Their latest newbuilding was a Havyard 843 AHTS delivered to November last year.

- Havyard has in a relatively short time managed to become one of the leading suppliers of design for advanced offshore support vessels (OSV) in China. It started with designs for foreign ship owners building at Chinese shipyards. The breakthrough towards Chinese ship owners came in 2010 with the first contract for delivery of design for a ship to Sinopec. At the end of last year another milestone was reached when we signed contract for delivery of design for building of four Havyard 832 PSV for COSL, the largest operator of OSVs in China. When Sinopec again chooses a Havyard designTM we see this as a recognition of Havyard as a brand in China and that Sinopec is satisfied with the Havyard 843 they took delivery in last year says Gunnar Larsen, Senior Vice President at Havyard Group. China has for a long time been a leading shipbuilding nation and the Chinese shipyards aim for more advanced offshore vessels. We see that the Chinese ship owners see the value in Norwegian Technology and we believe this is a potential growing market for us. You have to be long term when operating in China and we are aiming for expanding our base of satisfied customers there Larsen concludes.

The ship owner; Sinopec, is the second largest oil company in China and the largest producer and supplier of refined oil products. The ship owning branch of the company is supporting its E&P activities in Chinese waters. Sinopec also charter OSV services from other ship owners for supporting its activity.

Length: 80,60 m
Breadth: 17,60 m
Speed: 14 knots
Accomodation: 26 persons
Deadweight: 3900 tonnes
Deck area: 815 m2
Class: CCS