GOOD LUCK:  From left, godmother Marianne Eide wish the ship and her crew the best of luck on the seven seas. Jens Meinhard Rasmussen (CEO Skansi Offshore) captain Pauli Henryson, captain Marner Kjærbæk, Tummas Justinussen (Director Skansi Offshore), Osmund Justinussen (Chairman of the Board Skansi Offshore), Per Sævik (Havila Holding) and Tor Leif Mongstad (VP Havyard Group) are watching. FOTO: Kristina Daley

The PSV vessel «Kongsborg» was delivered to Skansi Offshore on Friday and was named Saturday at quay in Stavanger. Godmother was Marianne Eide. «Kongsborg» is a Havyard 833 design and build no.111 from Havyard Group`s shipyard in Leirvik, Sogn in Norway.

Even though this is the 5th newbuild for Skansi Offshore, it is still a major event when the latest addition to its fleet is being named. Skansi is so far the only offshore PSV shipping company on the Faroe Islands and the success already achieved in operations in the North Sea and other areas, means a lot to the small island community in the southwest. The Faroe Islands has long traditions in fishery and is highly regarded in terms of their good sailors. There`s also hope of discovering oil within Faroese waters, and having their own shipping company with experience of servicing demanding customers in the Norwegian sector, is worth its weight in gold.
This shows on the attendance list for the naming ceremony. In addition to representatives from shipowner, shipyard, clients, financial institutions, subcontractors and more, a large delegation of prominent guests from the Faroe Islands flew across to Stavanger with the sole purpose of celebrating the newbuild. Among guests is Minister of Trade and Industry of the Faroe Islands, Johan Dahl.

- Our main target is to make sure that our customers can trust that we deliver exactly what we promise, says CEO Jens Meinhard Rasmussen of Skansi Offshore. – We are still a relatively young company in the offshore industry, but our staff have great experience from both fishing and offshore and from day one we have been focused on delivering secure and reliable supply services for our clients. When our good and demanding customers extend their contracts with us, we see it as confirmation of us succeeding, says Rasmussen.

- In addition to professional crew and solid routines it is also a prerequisite to have good tools. Havyard has been a good partner since we ordered our first vessel in 2006 and we have continuously developed this cooperation. By learning from each other vessels have increasingly improved and I think you will struggle to find a finer ship with better qualities than «Kongsborg», concludes the shipping company`s CEO proudly.

«Kongsborg» is going straight to work after the naming ceremony. Skansi has secured a one-year contract with BG Norway for the vessel, with the option of a further two years. First, it will operate from Florø and serve the Transocean Searcher rig.
Skansi Offshore currently has three vessels working for of BG Norway and BP Norway.
The other two vessels in the fleet are carrying out work for Statoil.

Erlend Hatleberg at Havyard Ship Technology in Leirvik has just delivered his first newbuild as Project Manager.
- I have gained a lot of experience as a participant in the shipyard`s various project organizations but this is the first newbuild where I am Project Manager and carry the full responsibility, says Hatleberg. – It is of course challenging, as constructing offshore vessels can be some of the most demanding work within project management. The vessel has a lot of advanced mechanical and electronic systems, where everything is installed, quality assured and tested in order to secure that the entire ship is working well. There are many participants and special fields working together when planning and constructing such a vessel and it is important to make sure everyone coordinates their activities and work well together. Thankfully, we have a fantastic team in Havyard who is experienced and skilled in handling the construction of such advanced vessels. This makes my job as Project Manager so much easier. The project has gone according to plan from the first day, something which was also confirmed during the test voyages. We carried out, approved and completed all tests an hour and a half ahead of schedule. A confirmation in itself that the vessel was complete when it was supposed to be, says Hatleberg.
- The cooperation with the shipping company is vital in order to achieve a solid result. My task is to make sure that the shipping company takes delivery of a product they are satisfied with, delivered at the right time. In addition, we have to keep within our budget. Skansi took on this construction contract relatively late and that gave us some extra challenges in relation to adapting the vessel to needs and demands. I am therefore delighted that the shipping company`s project group has been so easy to work with and that they have all along been willing to solve challenges that have come up, concludes a pleased Project Manager.

Havyard 833 is a larger edition of the successful Havyard 832 design now delivered 16 vessels of. «Kongsborg» is the third vessel of a Havyard 833 design delivered to this day and is fitted-out at the highest level, ready to take on the most demanding supply-, standby- and oil protection assignments for the offshore oil- and gas industry. The flexible below deck capacity and tank arrangement make this vessel able to transport most types of liquid cargo and dry bulk that offshore rigs demand. The vessel has Rescue NMD 250 class, making it able to handle standby- and rescue assignments for offshore installations. Furthermore, the vessel has NOFO 2009, the latest notation within oil protection and operations.
In the design process there is high emphasis on hull lines and machinery optimization, making fuel consumption during different operations as low as possible. The vessel is also designed for highest possible crew safety and operations, and is environmentally-friendly.

Key data Havyard 833 «Kongsborg»:
Length:                86.8 m
Breadth:               19.6 m
Speed:                 15 knots
Deck area:           1000 sq.m
Crew:                   27 persons
Dead weight:        4600 tonnes