The vessel will be delivered from Havyard Ship Technology`s shipyard in Leirvik in Sogn, Norway in August 2014 and will become newbuild 116. Havyard 832 is designed by Havyard Design & Solutions in Herøy in the county of Møre and Romsdal.

Global Offshore Services is one of Havyard`s longest and most loyal customer relations. The contact with the company, then named Garware Offshore Services, was established in 2005 and Havyard delivered the first vessel for the shipping company in 2006. Since then Havyard has delivered 6 vessels for the Indian shipping company, two of these are Havyard 832s. A further vessel is due to be delivered in August this year and the latest one will be delivered in August next year.
Global Offshore Services operates a fleet of platform supply vessels and anchor handlers in India, the North Sea and Brazil.
- When we started our offshore commitment we never thought we were going to establish such a long-term cooperation with a Norwegian company, says Vice Chairman and Managing Director Aditya Garware of Global Offshore. – We bought our first offshore vessel from Solstad in 2005 and by chance we came to know of Havyard a short while after this. We were surprised by how easily we reached agreement with Havyard about the contract for delivery of our first newbuild and how well the cooperation worked during the construction process. This quickly resulted in us ordering several more vessels and now we have ordered our 8th vessel form Havyard.
- Good quality vessels and good financing solutions were important reasons why we contracted with Havyard the first time. The personal relations we have gained with the people of Havyard, and the way we together solve challenges that may occur, are main reasons why we continuously return for the contracting of new vessels. We know that the total economy of a Havyard vessel`s lifespan is good. We share the same philosophy as Havyard and we want to deliver top quality to our clients. We depend on vessels of excellent quality and Havyard provides us with that, concludes Vice Chairman & Managing Director Garware.

- Never underestimate the value of a satisfied customer, says President and CEO Geir Johan Bakke of Havyard Group AS. – We can use as much money as we desire on advertising and we can travel the world to tell people how good we are, but it really has no value if our existing customers are not pleased. Satisfied customers will return and purchase more and they will market Havyard towards potentially new customers. We have everything to gain from our customers succeeding and we can contribute by delivering good products and help them whenever we can.
- Havyard`s vision is «Improving life at sea». Everyone who receives a Havyard product must feel that it improves their everyday life. This is instilled in every Havyard employee and everyone who cooperates with us delivering our products. We are continuously looking for opportunities to improve our customers` everyday life and we will listen to our customers and help them when needed.
- Our cooperation with Global Offshore is totally unique. This is a customer who thinks long-term and includes a total sense of economy when contracting vessels. Norway is never going to become the cheapest place to have vessels constructed, but if we are smart enough and clever enough we can deliver vessels providing the customer with the best total economy of a ship`s lifespan.
- Global Offshore has always had great focus on delivering safe and good services for their clients. As a result they have gained a solid reputation in a short space of time. They have become a force to be reckoned with. We are very happy to have taken part in this shipping company`s development phase and we will continue to do our utmost in contributing to their future success. We hope to continue our good cooperation for a long time, concludes President and CEO Bakke.

The first design of the platform supply vessel (PSV) Havyard 832 was developed in 2007 and nearly 30 vessels of this type have either been delivered or are currently being constructed. Havyard 832 PSV was developed to serve a specific need in terms of size and capacity, safety, fuel economy and being environmentally friendly. Havyard 832 has achieved great success, formed a new segment within PSV, and competing designers have developed designs stemming the same needs.
Since 2008 the Havyard 832 design has been continuously improved based on feedback from customers, research and development, and availability of new technology. This design has also been used as a foundation for the development of new types of vessels, such as the wind mill service ship Havyard 832 SOV, that ESVAGT recently contracted two vessels of.

Key data Havyard 832:
Length:                79.8 m
Breadth:              17.6 m
Speed:                 14 knots
Deck size:            800 sq. m
Crew:                   26 persons
Dead weight:        3900 tonnes