The supply vessel «Makalu» is of a Havyard 832 design, and was named last Saturday in Fosnavaag, Norway. Bianca Kremer, who resides in Singapore, was the godmother. This was the 7th vessel Havyard has constructed and delivered for the Indian shipping company Global Offshore Services, and is newbuild no.113 from Havyard. This is the largest ever vessel to be named in Fosnavaag, something which justified some major celebrations, and Havyard invited everyone to an open boat session plus a free concert from the well-known Norwegian rap duo Erik and Kriss.


Like other Global Offshore vessels, «Makalu» was also named after a major mountain. In the Himalayas, on the border between Nepal and Tibet, you will find the Makalu Mountain. With its 8.462 metres it is the 5th largest mountain top in the world. The supply vessel now carrying the same name is accommodated for a crew of 26, and was heading straight for West Africa after the naming ceremony where the vessel will be operating for Shell. During the naming ceremony the godmother wished the vessel good fortune and success, before the bottle in traditional Norwegian fashion was broken as it hit the deep blue hull. The Indians then held a beautiful and unique ceremony, led by Sushma Garware, mother of CEO Aditya Garware of Global Offshore Services. The ceremony involves decoration of a sculpture of «Ganesh», the god with the elephant head. Also included were incense, rose leaves and candles. The crew also takes part in prayers.
- «Ganesh» protects us and helps us through problems. He brings safety onto the vessel, says Sushma. A miniature of «Ganesh» is then taken to the stern of the vessel where it is thrown over board. In that way the Indians leave their blessing. Next, a coconut is broken and the milk is spilt onto a sign that is drawn on the hull. – This is done for luck, says Sushma Garware.
Everyone who wanted to visit «Makalu» could do so on Saturday. Many visitors of all ages joined in the celebrations. Sailors and shipbuilders of the senior generation enjoyed taking in the views of a top modern vessel, and they were able to share their views on the massive changes within shipbuilding from the era when they were working on or with vessels. Some of the youngest visitors found themselves in a fascinating adventure as they sat in the captain`s chair looking at all the various handles, controls and buttons. Coffee and cakes were served to everyone and the lovely summer weather also provided for the good atmosphere. An added highlight for the youngsters was definitely the concert with rappers Erik and Kriss, further boosting the lively atmosphere on Saturday. Strictly speaking, they didn`t need the fireworks on stage as they brought their own stage show. Through high jumps and incredible levels of energy throughout their songs, the duo was pretty much fireworks themselves. – Fantastic to be able to watch these two live acts all for free, commented two young fans during the concert.
Project Manager for newbuild 113, Radek Kaminski, says that «Makalu» was initially meant to be sister vessel of «Ben Nevis», the supply vessel that Havyard delivered for Global Offshore in February 2013. – During the production period we were asked to change classifications and rather prepare the vessel for oil protection and rescue / standby operations. While the vessel was being fitted out, it was also decided that it needed further equipment, and also that the flag was to be changed from Indian to Cypriot, says Kaminski. – This came fairly late in the process and with a short time span for production the project became quite demanding, but also very interesting, he continues. – It must be said that all of this would be impossible to carry out if we didn`t have such a good cooperation with the shipping company. After a long time of cooperation with Global Offshore, we know well what to expect from each other. I appreciate that the owners throughout the project have shown their support, says Radek Kaminski.
Key data for newbuild 113 «Makalu»:
-         7th vessel delivered from Havyard to Global Offshore
-         Design:                Havyard 832
-         Vessel type:        platform supply vessel
-         Length:                79.8 m
-         Breadth:               17.6 m
-         Dead weight:       4000 tonnes
-         Deck area:           800 m2
-         Accommodation for 26 crew members
-         Heading straight to work for Shell in West Africa. 1 year contract with 4 one-year options.