Havyard Group is selling all of its shares in the Havyard Tomrefjord shipyard. A group of owners led by General Manager Øyvind Sævik has acquired the shares from Havyard Group. Sævik now becomes the main shareholder of the shipyard.

The background for this sale is Havyard Group`s wish to move all of its shipbuilding activities to the Havyard Leirvik shipyard in Sogn, Norway. We have very good facilities at Havyard Leirvik for both current and future shipbuilding with a roofed-in drydock. With this move Havyard can fully focus on shipbuilding in one place, President and CEO Geir Johan Bakke of Havyard Group replies.

The new name of Havyard Tomrefjord shipyard will be Tomrefjord Verft (shipyard). The main focus for Tomrefjord Verft will be ship repairs and newbuilding of smaller vessels.

Havyard Group is still committed towards developing quality fishing vessel designs and other related designs, whereas Havyard Leirvik will focus on the building of larger fishing vessels.
The future development of fishing vessels is a continuous working project that will be carried out in close cooperation between skilled designers at Havyard DesignTM and Tomrefjord Verft.

As a part of this sale the fishing vessel Artus is being moved to the Havyard Leirvik shipyard and shall be delivered in June 2011. The reason behind transfering Artus to Havyard Leirvik is because the new owners of Tomrefjord Verft wish to optimise the business of ship repairs during the starting-up phase of the new company. Also, a definite goal of Tomrefjord Verft is being in a position where the shipyard will build smaller fishing vessels in the future. 

For further information please contact:

Chief Information Officer of Havyard Group AS, Gunnar Larsen, phone +47 90105694

General Manager of Tomrefjord Verft AS, Øyvind Sævik, phone +47 91818201