Therefore, Havyard Group has decided to establish Havyard Electric Systems. This company will supplementary to Havyard Electro, Havyard Powertec and Sletten Electronics. This establishment ensures that Havyard becomes a total supplier within design, diesel electric propulsion and electrical solutions. The new company will develop and produce diesel electric systems and is targeting to deliver the first system mid 2011.

This is a natural focus in Havyard’s strategy to have knowledge about and control of the critical elements and phases within shipbuilding.

Havyar develops and builds advanced vessels for offshore and fisheries and many of these vessels have andvanced diesel electric systems. These systems are closely integrated with most systems onboard the vessels and influences the design process for the vessel. By taking control of the development and production of the diesel electric system we will add value both to our own, internal processes and designs as well as to our customers world-wide. Our knowledge withing design and shipbuilding enables us to develop new and better solutions for diesel electric systems.

Tor Leif Mongstad will, through his function as leader of the Ship Equipment and Systems division be responsible for the process of employing key personnel, establishment of production facilities, etc.

For more information, please contact:

Havyard Group:
Vice President division Ship Equipment and Systems, Tor Leif Mongstad, phone +47 90048483
CIO, Gunnar Larsen, phone +47 90105694