Havyard Group has signed contract for building of a Havyard 515 Purse Seiner for a Norwegian owner.
The ship will be built at Havyard Tomrefjord for delivery December 2010. The contract value is approx. NOK 130 mill.

Havyard 515 is designed by Havyard Design, dept. Fish Technology, which was established to offer new designs and solutions to the fishing vessel market based on knowledge and long experience both at Havyard Design and Havyard Tomrefjord (formerly Solstrand). These companies have together previously designed and built more than 70 fishing vessels for Norwegian and foreign owners.

For Havyard Group and Havyard Tomrefjord this is a very exiting contract. We see that the offshore market has a downturn and that fishing vessel owners now sees opportunities to get access to shipyard capacity to make necessary renewals of the fishing vessel fleet. We are happy that this owner, in addition to provide his input to the design of the vessel has been open to our ideas for making the vessel safer and more efficient. We think that our knowledge and innovation will give added value to owners through development and efficient building of new fishing vessel designs Øyvind Sævik. General Manager at Havyard Tomrefjord replies.

Please see enclosed data sheet for technical details for the vessel.
The contract is signed subject financing of the vessel.

For more information, please contact:
General Manager Havyard Tomrefjord, Øyvind Sævik, phone +47 91818201
CIO Havyard Group AS, Gunnar Larsen, phone +47 90105694