- In total 110 guests will arrive from Norway, so this will be fun, chuckles Tummas, who is also CEO of the Sjöborg PF group, which includes the shipping company Supply Service. The energetic, and at times controversial owner, represents the Faroe Islands in the so-called "mackerel conflict". In regards to this he recently visited the Mackerel festival in Fosnavåg and defended what many believe is Faroese pirate fishing of mackerel.

The company was originally founded by his father Osmund Justinussen. And it is of course fishing it has mainly been about, until now that is. The family company has owned nearly 40 fishing boats in as many years, but now Tummas wants to focus on other business areas as well. And despite the fact that there is no oil exploration on the Faroe Islands, the group focuses heavily within the offshore industry and on the shipping company Supply Service. Tummas has already had an advanced PSV vessel constructed, a ship designed by Havyard Group. This was the islanders` first supply ship and from now on the supply business is a major focal point.

- No, we do not have oil exploration around the Faroe Islands, but we want to be a step ahead and be part of the development. Statoil will do test drilling here, so things may happen. Until that time our vessels can operate in other international markets. And now the Faroese are able to run offshore operations for themselves instead of sailing on behalf of other foreign shipping companies, says Tummas, who now has a new Havyard ship in their own fleet.

The ship that is designed and constructed by Havyard Group was performing a test run by the shipyard in Leirvik in Sogn, Norway last week. - I have been on board, and everything works really well. I'm already in love with this ship, says the Faroese who is so delighted with the cooperation with the Fosnavåg-based company, that he has already ordered another ship from Havyard. In April next year a new PSV vessel, of Havyard 833 design, will be launched in Leirvik.

- Havyard 832 L is the development of the popular Havyard 832 design. Supply Service was the first to order Havyard 832, a vessel with an 800 square metre deck, and now Havyard 832 L has a 900 square metre deck capacity. The Faroese are also the first ones to order Havyard 833 where deck capacity is a sizeable 1.000 square metres, says design manager Arve Helsem Leine at Havyard Design & Engineering AS.

This Saturday "Saeborg" will be named by godmother Jóhanna Rasmussen during the ceremony in Torshavn, with much ado and guests from Herøy and Leirvik, amongst other places.

* "Saeborg" B102 is an 832 L PSV design with 86 metres length and a breadth of 17.6 metres.
* The vessel can do a speed of 14 knots and holds a crew of 23 people.
* The vessel is equipped for rescue and standby operations totalling 200 people.
* This is the first ship where Havyard Power & Systems has delivered complete communications and navigation package.

Photo: A CHARACTER: Tummas Justinussen is a character and fishing boat owner from the Faroe Islands who is ready to conquer the offshore industry with vesselsfrom Herøy, designed and constructed by Havyard Group. PHOTO: FINNUR JUSTINUSSEN

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