General Manager Kjell-Peder Overvåg of Havyard`s Brazil division showed Trade Minister Giske around the office and informed of Havyard`s increased efforts in Brazil.

The Minister was introduced to various Havyard ship designs including Seven Havila, a Havyard 858 DSV that only last week won the prestigious Support Vessel of the Year 2011 in London. Trond Giske got to see several posters and images of a Havyard designTM, amongst them the prize winner Seven Havila. Many other visitors also stopped by Havyard`s office in order to view the Support Vessel of the Year.

- Never before has a larger group of business delegates gathered to travel abroad with a minister. This shows that the interest in the Brazilian market is rapidly growing and many see this as a promising market to invest in. Brazil is our most important trading partner in Latin America and is one of the countries with most Norwegian business investments outside of the EU and the US. Brazil is becoming an increasingly important country for Norwegian industry and we therefore want to strengthen our industrial and trade policy cooperation with the country, Trond Giske says in connection with his recent visit.

Innovation Norway organised the Brazil seminar with a large influx of Norwegian companies, around 130 Norwegian representatives were present. Some of these are based in Brazil, whereas the vast majority travelled along from Norway for the event. Havyard was also taking part in the lunch with the Norwegian Trade Minister at Marriott Hotel in Rio.

Part of Innovation Norway`s programme also included an opening ceremony of the Norwegian Incubator Office II (NBIO II) where Havyard South America rents office space.

- Brazil is a very exciting and challenging market with a huge potential. Havyard Group is capable of delivering products and services that will be attractive and competitive within this market. By being based here we can help adapt Havyard Group`s products and services to meet and satisfy the Brazilian market. I believe in Havyard`s increased focus on Brazil and I have great expectations towards the results that we will achieve for Havyard Group in the coming years, says General Manager Kjell-Peder Overvåg in Havyard South America Ltda.

Havyard South America Ltda`s office address:
Havyard South America Ltda
Rua Lauro Muller 116 – Torre Rio Sul
24th floor – Suite 2405
Cep 22290 – 160 Rio de Janeiro RJ

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