Only days after the Herøy-based company Havyard Group delivered newbuild 102 «Saeborg» to the Faroe Islands, where Havyard for the first time developed and delivered the navigation- and communications package, the group can now present a Veritas-certified monitoring system. The product is developed by Havyard Power & Systems AS in Ålesund, Norway, as one of a select few suppliers providing certification for this type of product. This system(Havyard BAS) is also delivered to the new ship “Saeborg”.

 - Havyard BAS is developed in order to monitor bridge activity and to alert the duty officer and other navigators in a situation needing assistance. The system primarily alerts the duty officer via an advance warning system on the bridge. If the alarm is activated and is not answered by an officer on call, automatic alarm bells will sound in other parts of the ship alerting off-duty crew about a possible danger, says Technical Manager Ole G.Rørhus at Havyard Power & Systems AS.

In addition, Havyard BAS has an integrated bridge alarm system gathering alarms from all types of equipment on the bridge. The alarms are activated by each specific piece of equipment on the bridge that gives out a sound warning. Hence, the duty officer can easily find out which is the particular system on the bridge giving out an alarm that is connected to the centralised system. All equipment assembled on the bridge that can release an alarm sound has interface to the Havyard BAS system.

 It has taken the Havyard-department in Ålesund two years to get this new system certified by the Veritas (DNV).

 - It is a demanding process to receive certification by the DNV for a product and we are very pleased to finally having achieved this target of ours, as one of very few producers in the world. Type approval of Havyard BAS is important for Havyard`s product focus and we have already delivered systems and received orders for several Havyard BASs from external shipyards and system suppliers, Rørhus informs.

- Havyard BAS is a flexible and innovative system that is easily adapted and configurated according to the customer`s needs and wishes. Havyard Power & Systems AS can perform installation, service and system startup and can also supply remote support if the system is connected to the internet. This makes Havyard a very competitive supplier of such systems, says Senior Project  Engineer, Svein-Ove Farstad at Havyard Power & Systems AS.


CERTIFICATION: - It has taken us two years to get Havyard BAS certified by the Veritas (DNV), informs Technical Manager Ole G. Rørhus at Havyard Power & Systems AS.  PHOTO: PER-JAN BREKKE.

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