The vessel is a subsea vessel performing Inspection, Maintenance & Repair (IMR) and ROV work. Havila Subsea is currently dockside at Havyard Leirvik shipyard in Sogn, Norway for rebuilding and completion.

The long-term contract is running from May 2011 until January 2013 with the possibility of a contract extension after this period. With another Havyard designTM now entering into a long-term contract, this proves that Havyard Group AS delivers quality offshore designs and offshore vessels that the market requires and is satisfied with.

The rebuilding of the Havyard 855 ensures extra work and increased activity at Havyard Leirvik shipyard in the time ahead. Several professional departments within the shipyard such as electro, machining, equipment, piping, painting and furnishing will be directly involved in the rebuilding process. There will be rebuilding and an increase of cabins from 70 to 78, and also rebuilding of piping systems and hydraulics, amongst other things.

- This is a considerable job for Havyard Leirvik. The job also fits in well with the rest of the shipbuilding programme at our yard and we are obviously very pleased that Havila Shipping ASA and Subsea 7 come back to Havyard Leirvik when they want work done. We also see this as a statement that both parties are pleased with the work we completed in building yard no.088, Seven Havila, says project director Trygve Solaas at Havyard Leirvik.

Havyard Leirvik`s yard no.101 will after completion be able to perform subsea work in the North Sea or possibly in other parts of the world. The vessel will be delivered right before the start of the contract for adaptation of equipment related to the contract.

Havyard Design AS has designed a wide range of offshore designs like PSVs, AHTSs, DSV and MSV. Havyard designTM is a major success story after being established in 2005. There are now over 40 ships of a Havyard designTM already built or being built in Norway and internationally.

For further information please contact:
Chief Information Officer of Havyard Group AS, Gunnar Larsen, phone: +47 90105694

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