- We have looked forward to this day with great anticipation, to the naming ceremony and to be able to use the fishing vessel. We are now looking forward to a period with intense and good operation when Artus gets to grip with day-to-day operations, says Magne Sævik who is General Manager of Brattholm Invest AS, the ship-owners of Artus. Sævik is also one of the main shareholders of this Purse Seiner / Danish Seiner.

- We have got a new and functional boat of good quality. An efficient and good vessel with top solutions and good quality with low operating costs is essential in order to run business with a profit. We have closely followed-up the building process both in Turkey and in Leirvik, and in the cooperation with Havyard; we have now got a very good result. Artus brings a new concept as well. In addition to fishing for mackerel, herring and capelin, we have adapted the boat for catching whitefish. Having solid freezing facilities onboard we will also receive a good price for the winter cod. Artus will soon head straight for Bjørnøya, fishing for haddock and coalfish. We hope to manage six trips there this summer before the mackerel season kicks off in August, says an excited ship-owner Magne Sævik.

The Havyard 515 design is a fishing vessel with focus on functional solutions, financially sound operations and good sea-keeping abilities. Besides RSW-tanks there is also a good freezing hold capacity. The vessel`s cargo capacity can be adapted to transport of live fish, something which Artus has.

The design and construction of Artus has been an important project for Havyard Group and shows that Havyard also focuses on this segment within shipbuilding technology, in addition to the building of OSVs.

- Building a fishing vessel is no simple task. The boats are highly specialised with a lot of complicated equipment onboard. Integrating this within the vessel`s design is very demanding where space is often a limiting factor, says Trygve Solaas, Project Director at Havyard Ship Technology AS in Leirvik, Norway.
- We do find it very interesting working closely with smaller ship-owners, something which fishing vessel companies often are. They are frequently smaller organisations that cannot always follow-up every step of the building process and often depend on a handful of energetic and resourceful persons with great experience and a clear view on functionality. It is therefore essential that we establish a continuing and good dialogue with the fishing boat owner throughout the project and that we show flexibility and a will to change things to achieve an optimal result. We feel we have managed to do this in our cooperation with the owners and that the results of our common efforts are seen in Artus; a good, functional and modern fishing vessel, Solaas concludes.

Havyard Ship Technology in Leirvik has previously delivered several fishing vessels and this is a segment within shipbuilding technology that Havyard would like to continue being a part of. Havyard Ship Technology has top facilities; with a covered dry-dock where the outfitting is sheltered from wind and rain. This is a great advantage especially in winter both in terms of production and quality of the end product.

Main data for Artus:
-       Loa                                                                        : 49,8 m
-       Beam                                                                     : 12,0 m
-       Depth to shelter deck                                         : 7,2 m
-       Max draft                                                                              : 5,7 m
-       Combined RSW-tanks / freezing holds                            : 180 m3
-       Combined RSW-tanks / live fish tanks                             : 320 m3
-       Total cargo capacity                                           : 500 m3
-       Fuel oil                                                                 : 200 m3
-       Main engine                                                         : 1770 kW
-       Auxiliary engines                                                : 540 + 320 kW
-       Tunnel thrusters                                                  : 2 x 370 kW
-       RSW / freezing machinery                                  : 2 x 430 kW
-       Processing area w/heading- and gutting machines, 4 plate freezers, 1 freezing tunnel
-       Vacuum pump system                                         : 4200 litres
-       Purse seine- / Danish seine winches                               : 2 x 26,5 tonnes
-       Net winch                                                                             : 18,5 tonnes
-       Deck cranes:                                                        : 30 tonne metres
  25 tonne metres

For further information please contact:

President and CEO of Havyard Group AS, Geir Johan Bakke, phone +47 48180011

Chief Information Officer of Havyard Group AS, Gunnar Larsen, phone: +47 90105694