The R&D programme includes projects in different areas of technology, including ship design, hybrid machinery solutions and digitalisation. The goal is to develop competence and solutions that will enable Havyard to deliver even more environmentally friendly and safe vessels to its customers. The programme builds on a development process Havyard has been systematically engaged in for the past decade, as well as research conducted in cooperation with SINTEF at the R&D centre SFI Smart Maritime.

 ‘We have already benefited a great deal from cooperating with SINTEF Ocean, and wish to further strengthen our cooperation through this initiative. We have to reduce environmentally harmful emissions from shipping, while at the same time ensuring that the vessels are safe. We want to be at the forefront of this development. SINTEF has one of the leading global expert environments in this field,’ says Kristian Steinsvik, head of Havyard’s R&D work.

 ‘This is an important programme to SINTEF and will give us a considerable boost in highly topical research areas. Havyard is a forward-looking company with great expertise and a clear wish to participate in research and development. In addition to specific innovations for Havyard, this initiative will also provide knowledge that will benefit the whole industry and society at large. Parts of the activity will also be carried out locally by our colleague in SINTEF Ålesund,’ says Trond Johnsen, Research Manager at SINTEF Ocean and head of SFI Smart Maritime. 

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Virtual prototyping and simulation of the different vessel solutions are important parts of the R&D programme (Illustration: Havyard)

Front page photo from left:

Trond Johnsen (SINTEF Ocean) and Kristian Steinsvik (Havyard Design & Solutions) at SINTEF Ocean Lab in Trondheim (photo: SINTEF Ocean).