MMC Frist Process has been in the wellboat industry since the 1990s, and is a market leader in wellboat technology and innovative solutions. They have long recognised the need for such a test platform/simulator.


Advanced system solutions and demanding aquaculture operations have increased the risk of incorrect use resulting in reduced fish welfare, damage to equipment and injury to personnel. This is a precious cargo, and it is very important that operations are carried out correctly on the first attempt. Therefore, the wellboat industry wants to develop and improve the skills of its crews to ensure that work operations are carried out in a reliable manner. There has been a steep increase in the need and demand for opportunities to practice in a safe environment.


MMC First Process works closely with its customers and has seen the need first-hand. In cooperation with both its customers and suppliers, MMC First Process has taken part in developing this wellboat simulator, which is now ready for use.

MMC First Process engineers have spent a lot of time developing the simulator's water treatment and fish handling program. This program is the first of its kind to give crew the opportunity to practise the complete operation of both the boat and the fish welfare systems.

‘We have seen for ourselves and received feedback from our customers that there is a need to be able to practise carrying out these complex operations in a safe environment. We take our customers seriously, and have worked for a long time to come up with a satisfactory solution. Being able to carry out operations correctly on the first attempt is good for fish welfare, and it saves time and money. We are very pleased to have made this a reality and be able to launch this wellboat simulator today together with Sølvtrans, FOSAC, OSC and some other suppliers,’ says VP Service & Aftersales Roar Stenersen of MMC First Process.

‘The main partners Sølvtrans, MMC First Process, FOSAC and OSC in Aalesund have cooperated very well, and we are very pleased to be able to offer this service to such an important industry. It is extremely important that operations are carried out correctly from beginning to end,’ says Managing Director Håvard Stave of FOSAC.


Picture 1: From left, VP Service & Aftersales Roar Stenersen, MMC First Process and Managing Director Håvard Stave, FOSAC
Picture 2: Simulator room


FACTS about MMC First Process
MMC First Process is a company that supplies innovative seafood handling and cooling solutions for fishing vessels, aquaculture and onshore facilities. Its head office is in Fosnavåg, and the company has a total of 153 employees.

MMC First Process is divided into three business areas:

  • MMC First Process, Handling department based in Fosnavåg
  • MMC First Process, Process department based at Sjøholt
  • MMC First Process, Refrigeration department with offices in Vigra, Tromsø and Haugesund


FACTS Havyard Group ASA

Havyard Group ASA is a maritime technological company that provides products and services within seafood, energy and transport.
Havyard Group ASA is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange, Ticker HYARD. Main office is in Fosnavaag, and there are 700 employees in the group of companies. 

Havyard Group ASA divides into five business areas:

  • Havyard Ship Technology in Leirvik in Sogn (shipyard) with branches in Fosnavaag and Turkey.
  • Havyard Design & Solutions with main office in Fosnavaag and branches in Aalesund, Poland, Singapore, Shanghai and Croatia
  • Norwegian Electric Systems with main office in Bergen and with branches in Aalesund Haugesund and Egersund, Norway
  • HPR with main office in Gdansk, Polen and with branches in Norway, Denmark and France
  • MMC First Process with main office in Fosnavaag and with branches in Vigra, Sjoeholt, Tromsoe and Haugesund.