In the autumn of 2014, Havyard signed a contract for four Havyard 843 designs with Grupo CBO, both a shipyard owner and also the largest offshore shipping company in Brazil. CBO had a contract with Petrobas and knew that they required 6 vessels. CBO has now ordered Havyard design for their last two vessels. Early next year, the first CBO vessel of Havyard design will be launched, and with experiences from the construction period, in addition to design expectations, the complete series of these six new anchor-handling vessels will now be of Havyard design.

  • This is recognition to us and the work we do, and we are pleased that Havyard is the preferred choice for these vessels, says General Manager Havyard South America, Kjell Peder Overvåg.

He gives several reasons as to why Havyard has landed this contract. It is about the actual design, functionality, work drawings and foundations, and good cooperation.

  • Together with the shipping company we have searched for and found good solutions instead of focusing on problems.


It is also about costs. Anchor handling at great ocean depths demand other methods and other tools. Havyard has complied by designing a wider deck area, but all this within a perfect compromise and cooperation, in accordance with the operations of the vessel.

  • We have created a utility vessel, a real workhorse carefully adapted to the needs of solving most tasks and operations. In this way we have also designed an extremely cost-effective ship, says Overvåg.

Havyard Design & Solutions develops ship designs, and focus on integration and coordination of equipment packages. The contract involves and includes deliveries from other business areas in Havyard Group, such as Havyard IAS (Integrated Automation and Alarm Systems), Power Management System and navigation- and communication equipment from Havyard Power and Systems.

For Havyard Group the contract is valued at more than NOK 80 million and leads to increased work for the project-, procurement and design departments.


FACTS Havyard Group

  • Havyard Group ASA is a fully integrated ship technology group within ship design, shipbuilding, system deliveries and aftermarket services.
  • Havyard Group develops and delivers ship technology for construction and operations of advanced vessels for offshore windfarm, oil industry, fishing and fish farming.
  • Main offices are located in Fosnavaag, Norway.

For further information, please contact:

Senior Vice President Sales HDS, Gisle Vinjevoll Thrane, phone: +47 481 52 925