For more than 50 years now, Havyard MMC, former Kvaerner Kulde, at Vigra has manufactured and delivered refrigeration and freezing equipment to the global fishing and aquaculture fleet and to processing facilities on land. Its product range includes all types of technical refrigeration solutions, the design and production of various freezing and RSW systems, plate freezers and control systems adapted to customers' needs.

Just after the turn of the year, RSW system number 200 was sold to a big customer, Norsk Fisketransport, and Petter Kåre Grytten, Sales Manager in the Refrigeration Department is delighted.

'After so many years in the industry, I am really happy to see that the industry and the shipping companies are now increasingly using our environmentally friendly and efficient systems.  Our vision of zero emissions of harmful gases has practically been achieved. The feedback from users of the equipment worldwide has been outstanding, and satisfied customers result in many new opportunities and an increasing number of deliveries. We are now increasing the workforce and are optimistic about the future. The world wants good, healthy fish, and we are now clearly seeing that the industry has a stronger focus on higher quality of the end product. That's good news for us, since we have products that ensure fast and gentle handling, refrigeration and freezing,' says Grytten. 

Norsk Fisketransport (NFT) is a demanding customer that expects all equipment to be of top quality, and Børge Lorentzsen, head of newbuilds at NFT, is very positive. 'So far, our experience of the RSW systems is that both their quality and function are excellent. Our cooperation with Havyard MMC is very good, so, when we were again looking to invest in an RSW system, it was natural that this one would be delivered by Havyard MMC as well.  It is the third system that Norsk Fisketransport has purchased from MMC, which indicates that we are very satisfied with the product,' Lorentzsen says.   

Fantastic development

In 2001, Havyard MMC launched its first RSW systems with environmentally friendly spray refrigeration systems that were designed for natural refrigerants. They were first on the market and enjoyed such great success that several other suppliers of refrigeration systems started using the same technology after a while.

The company's latest product is the new patented, compact SX RSW refrigeration system with direct injection. 'This is now our best RSW system! Everything that comes into contact with seawater is made of titanium and designed for the fastest possible refrigeration of both seawater and fresh water. It is especially favourable where space is in short supply. The system has high capacity, low weight, no height limitation and is also best in terms of efficiency. The system also includes a specially developed MMC RSW control system, which provides extra protection against water freezing in the titanium pipes.

All the products are adapted to each individual facility to ensure that they are in line with the customer's wishes and possibilities,' says Sales Manager Grytten. 

New and more environmentally friendly design

 A legal amendment making it illegal to sell or refill the refrigerant Freon R 22 after 1 January 2015 led to facility owners and the refrigeration industry having to develop new environmentally friendly technology.

In the past year, Havyard MMC has put a lot of effort into converting existing systems from using Freon as the refrigerant to using ammonia, which is a natural, environmentally friendly alternative. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the change also results in considerably faster freezing/refrigeration, which will benefit customers. 'It's a win-win situation,' concludes Grytten with a smile.