Company information

Havyard Group is a fully integrated international supplier of Ship Technology, from ship design to support to sailing ships

Havyard Group dates its history back to 1928 and has developed within the strong maritime cluster in the north-west of Norway.

With knowledge about and control of the complete value chain Havyard Group develops and deliver Ship Technology for the construction and operation of advanced vessels for the offshore oil, fishing and aquaculture industries world-wide.

The vision of Havyard Group is “Improving Life at Sea”, which is intended to motivate all companies and persons within the Group to improve the situation for everyone involved in the operation of vessels constructed with a Havyard designTM  or equipped with Havyard equipment. Havyard products and services shall add value to the customers whether they are ship owners, charterers, crew, onshore employees or others.

Havyard Group is divided into four business areas:

  • Havyard Design & Solutions, providing designs and system packages for external and internal vessel construction
  • Havyard Ship Technology, providing construction, conversion and repair of vessels, with focus on advanced offshore support vessels, offshore windfarm support vessels and vessels for use in fisheries and aquaculture
  • Havyard MMC, providing equipment and systems for the safe and efficient handling of fish in fishing vessels, live fish carriers and on seafood shore plants
  • NES Power & Systems, providing diesel electric and hybrid electric propulsion systems.

Knowledge about and control of the Ship Technology value chain enables Havyard Group to develop and deliver top quality, state of the art products and services. A strong focus on research and development, based on the end users requirements for operation ensures products and services with high reliability and low life cycle cost.