Every summer we admit Summer Interns.

We offer a variety of jobs within the office in areas such as engineer, logistics, project management, finance, communication and law. We also have students working in the production within areas such as machinery, logistics etc. Several of the students that have done their internships with us have been offered permanent positions after they have graduated.

Vi får mange forespørsler fra studenter som ønsker å skrive sin master- eller bacheloroppgave hos Havyard. For at vi skal kunne behandle søknaden din mer effektivt, ønsker vi at du følger linken nedenfor og sender inn din søknad via WebCruiter.

 We receive many requests from students who would like to write their thesis about Havyard. To make the process of all the application more efficiently we ask you to enter the link below and hand in your application trough WebCruiter.
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«The Summer Internship Program I participated in during the summer of 2012 gave me a thorough insight into the maritime industry. It also gave me the opportunity to practice my law skills. After I graduated I was pleased to be offered the position as Executive Trainee Risk Management. Every day offers new and exciting challenges and in my job I also get the opportunity to travel.”

Sander Nyland, studies Journalism. Participated at Havyard Academy Summer Program in 2012 and did a Summer Internship as a Communication Intern during the summer of 2013:
"My Summer Internship in Havyard was exciting as well as a valuable work experience. It gave me a good perspective of the job opportunities within the maritime industry. The working environment in Havyard is very good and I was made very welcome. Although I have only finished one year of higher education, my colleagues in Havyard were willing to listen to my proposals, something which I feel shows that they have a wish to improve even more."

Simen Solheim, studies Plumbing. Did a Summer Internship in the machinery department during the summer of 2013:
"I was made very welcome and I have had a good experience in Havyard. I have been looking forward going to work every day."

Cato Solheim, has a Bachelor degree in Renewable Energy. Did a Summer Internship with Havyard Ship Technology during the summer of 2013 and is now a Trainee in Havyard Ship Technology:
"Pleasant colleagues and an interesting working environment."

Nikolai Hasfjord, studies Marine Engineering. Did a Summer Internship as an Engineer Intern during the summer of 2013:
"Being a Summer Intern in Havyard has given me great insight into what it is like to work in a maritime company. Now I know more about what an engineer is doing and how it is like to work in a company like this.”