Havyard Academy

"We build an ownership culture through our actions, cooperation and leadership. It is a precondition for this ownership culture that each of us is seen, heard and included, and has a possibility to influence decisions." Frank-Levi Kvalsund, Senior Vice President HR/QHSE


In Havyard we have a focus on personal and professional development amongst our employees. Those who work for us get the chance to take part in interesting and relevant internal and external programs. We offer our employees basic training programs, which aim to develop a common understanding of our different business areas and learn the importance of internal cooperation. The basic training program also focuses on Havyard`s vision Change our Industry, as well as our values and culture. 

We are looking for leaders who are efficient and have the ability to inspire people. We can offer different developement programs: 
Leadership program for superviors, The Havyard leadership program and programs for management groups. 

Our goal is to have inspired leaders who will contribute to motivate employees, which we believe will make the difference in the end.