Since 2018, Havyard has run an extensive research and development project on hydrogen propulsion for large vessels. The project has also developed tools for advanced route studies, simulation of weather conditions and operating patterns, in order to be able to deliver optimized hydrogen solutions.

The know-how and expertise we have acquired in this context has now been brought together in Havyard Hydrogen, which offers complete hydrogen systems.

Havyard’s R&D has focused on large-scale hydrogen systems. Such systems have completely different demands as regards to hydrogen handling, for example it is highly important that the system also works as intended when a ship is out in the open sea and experiencing sea movement. 

Havyard Hydrogen can now offer a system with 3.2 MW fuel cells. This will make it possible for large vessels to sail with zero emissions over longer distances. At the same time, the system is scalable and can be used by both large and small vessels.

In cooperation with partners and subcontractors, Havyard Hydrogen will be the system integrator, and together with other companies in the Group, we can also deliver ship designs and complete control and energy systems, from bridge to propeller.

With this initiative Havyard will make our contributions to achiveing the emission targets set for shipping both nationally and internationally.
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In the HAVYARD FREECO2ast project Havyard companies together with Sintef Ocean and Prototech received Pilot E founding (Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway, and Enova) to develop systems for hydrogen operations of larger ships. Hydrogen is one of the few green fuels that enables completely zero emission sailing, and at the same time has a technology readiness level that makes it ready for commercialization. In 2021, Havyard has the first system ready for approval. 

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Received support for research and development work 
Protoype for hydrogen


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