DESIGN Havyard 535 is designed for fishing with purse seine and pelagic trawl. Main focus is on functional solutions, low operation costs and good sea keeping capabilities. The vessel has an indoor net handling system. There are facilities for scientists, including preparations for a drop keel. Upon request the vessel can be arranged for underpressure loading of the catch


Length over all approx. 74.0 m
Length between perpendicular 66,6 m
Breadth moulded 15,8 m
Depth to main deck 9 m
Depth to shelter deck 11,8 m


RSW tanks approx. 2100 m3
Fuel oil approx. 480 m3
Freshwater approx. 70 m3
Ballast water approx. 540 m3
Urea approx. 28 m3
Accomodation 19 persons in 11 single cabins and 4 double cabins with shower and WC


Main engine (with SCR exhaust gas cleaning)
Main reduction gear approx. 4000 kW
Main propeller Two speed
Shaft generator (floating frequency) approx. 3600 mm in nozzle
Emergency / Harbour generator approx. 2400 ekW
AH - Winch 2x approx. 940 ekW
Accomodation approx. 250 ekW
Heat recovery systems and oil fired boiler for hot water heating of the entire vesse
Tunnel thrusters 1x 950 kW forward, 2x 650 kW aft
RSW machinery 2x approx. 1150 kW
Vacuum tank installation 2x 4200 litres


Purse winches 2x approx. 37 tonnes
Trawl winches 2x approx. 80 tonnes
Sounding cable winch and auxiliary winches
Net drum 30 m3 approx. 92 tonnes
Tail end winch approx. 37 tonnes
Arranged for stern pumping from trawl
Net winch “Super Jumbo” approx. 50 tonnes
Indoor net handling system incl. net stacker, cork line stacker, sink line stacker and intermediate roller Main deck crane 60 Tm, fish pump crane amidships 50 Tm, fish pumpcrane at stern 33 Tm, deck crane with transport roller 50 Tm.


DNV +1A1, Fishing Vessel, Ice-C and the Norwegian Maritime Authority`s regulations for Fishing Vessels, operation area of “Deepsea Fishing II”.